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7 We Buy Houses Companies in New Orleans

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cityscape of skyscrapers of New Orleans, Louisiana

In the USA, the average home buyer takes at least eight weeks to find the home of their dreams. Then they start the lengthy process of finalizing their mortgage and closing on the deal. 

Do you need to sell your New Orleans home faster than that? Do you want to avoid all the red tape that goes along with selling your home the old-fashioned way?

If so, you might find it tempting to type ‘New Orleans home buyers’ into your internet browser right away and start searching for a cash home buyer. Stop right there.

Selling your home to one of these investors isn’t as straightforward as you think.  

First, read this guide to find out more about the companies that advertise, ‘we buy houses New Orleans’, and how iBuyer works to ensure a faster, more efficient, and more lucrative alternative for every homeowner. 

Reviewing Your We Buy Houses New Orleans Options

With New Orleans home prices up by 9% in the last year and still climbing, it may seem foolish to sell your home for cash right now. 

Yet, if you’re a homeowner who doesn’t have the luxury of time, it’s your only option. We’re here to help you make the best decision for your needs. 

Here’s a guide to the best cash home buyers in the city, as well as the pros and cons associated with them, to help you decide:

Home Buyer Louisiana

Home Buyer Louisiana buys houses with the intention of fixing and flipping them or renting them to tenants. They deal with properties in Jefferson East Banks, Orleans, St Bernard, Tangipahoa, West Bank, and St Tammany.How they Work

You fill in an online form or call them to discuss the sale of your home. They present you with a preliminary offer and arrange to inspect the property.

After this, they make a firm cash offer, which you can decline or accept. Pricing

They base their prices on the following formula: Break-Even Price = Estimated Sales Price – Cost to sell – Cost to Repair.

That means, they deduct all the costs involved in selling the house plus commission and offer you what’s left. In essence, this means you save nothing but time when you buy from this company.Pros and Cons

Home Buyer Louisiana offers a smooth, hassle-free process and can close your home sale within 8 days. You’ll pay for this convenience with low pricing that favors the buyer, though.

Before you commit, compare the prices offered by iBuyer. 

We Buy Ugly Houses

We Buy Ugly Houses is a well-known and reputable brand that buys houses across the country. There are over 800 franchises operating in 46 states.

So, you’ll have no trouble finding a branch near you. How they Work

We Buy Ugly Houses focuses on all homes that represent an investment opportunity for them, although they present problems for their current, cash-strapped owners.Pricing

We Buy Ugly Houses’ average offer is around 50% of the market value of the home. As a franchise, they must pay a commission to the parent company, Homevestors, which accounts for their low offers. Pros and Cons

We Buy Ugly Houses is a trusted, brand that’s recognized across the country. You won’t need to worry about repairing your home before you sell it, and you can close the deal within three weeks.

Unfortunately, this franchise is well-known for its low prices and service may vary from branch to branch. 

We Buy Ugly Houses exists to make home sellers’ lives easier, not profitable. They offer low prices, but you’ll usually have a firm offer within 48 hours.  

They’re a reputable buyer and also a recognized iBuyer.

Rex Property Group LLC

Rex Property Group has offices in Mandeville and works closely with homeowners throughout the home selling process.

They offer solutions for homeowners facing foreclosure, as well as those who don’t want to deal with repairs or time-consuming traditional sales. How they Work

Rex Property Group works according to a simple three-step process. You fill in your home’s details on their website form, they’ll arrive to inspect your home and make an offer.

They can even make an offer without visiting your home via a video walkthrough. 

If you’re in agreement, you set the closing date, and they hand over your cash in the agreed time frame.Pricing

Rex Home Buyers use the standard pricing formula when determining what to offer for your home. They look at the location of the house, any necessary repairs, and recent sale prices in your area.

They don’t charge any fees or commissions and take their profit from the eventual sale or rental of the property.Pros and Cons

Rex Home Buyers can save you a lot of money on real estate agents’ commissions and ensure you receive an offer on your home as quickly as possible.

They pride themselves on a low-pressure approach to cash home sales, but they offer way below market value for most homes. 

We Buy Houses New Orleans

This company markets itself as the official home buying company for New Orleans. They buy houses in any condition, throughout the city. How they Work

When you contact We Buy Houses New Orleans, they’ll research your property and make you a fair cash offer in writing within 24 hours. You get to choose your closing date.

If needed, this company can pay you for your house within seven days. Pricing

We Buy Houses New Orleans focuses on its potential profits when making an offer on your home. They consider what they could sell it for after repairs and then deduct the cost of those repairs from their offer.

They don’t charge a fee or commission for their services.Pros and Cons

There aren’t currently any online reviews for this client, so we can only assume they offer the usual pros and cons associated with this type of home sale, i.e. a fast sale at around 70% of market value.

No matter how fast these cash sale properties can evaluate your home, you can rest assured that iBuyer’s instant valuation is faster. 

What’s more, iBuyer firms are all well-established in the real estate space, so you know you’re working with a reputable business at the outset.

Omni Fast Homebuyers

These New Orleans home buyers are a good choice for you if you want to find someone who’s interested in buying a home as-is. 

They also cater to homeowners who:

  • Want to dispose of an inherited property fast
  • Are moving soon and can’t sell their home
  • Are facing foreclosure
  • Need cash fast
  • Want to sell a tenant-occupied property quickly

Omni fast homebuyers have sold hundreds of houses and have the experience to ensure a hassle-free cash home sales journey for you. How they Work

Once you’ve entered your details on their inquiry form or spoken to them telephonically, you can expect to receive a provisional cash offer within 24 hours.

They’ll visit your home at a convenient time to inspect it and make a firm offer. If you decide to accept this offer, you decide on a convenient closing date for your home sale. Pricing

Like most cash investors, Omni Fast Homebuyers will make you an offer based on their profits after they repair and sell your home. 

They’ll also cover the closing costs associated with the sale, but they deduct this from their offer, too. This company doesn’t charge any commission or fees for its services.Pros and Cons

One of the best benefits of working with this company is that they’re transparent about the cost of home repairs. They publish a list of the average charges for home repairs to give you a better idea about how much they’ll deduct for each item.

This is a helpful tool for the homeowner who wants to investigate whether it’s a better option to pay the average cost of home repairs themselves instead of working with a cash buyer.

While this level of transparency is admirable, you can still expect a low offer when you sell your home via this company. There aren’t currently any reviews available online for this company, good or bad.

It’s rarely a good idea to work with companies unless you’re able to research the experiences of other sellers first. When you choose to sell your home via iBuyer, you know you’re working with a reputable, legitimate company.

Louisiana Direct Home Buyers

Louisiana Direct Home Buyers is an established family-owned business based in Art Street, New Orleans. They have over 30 years of experience and focus on educating buyers about the home buying process and the costs involved.

When they visit your home to make an offer, they’ll discuss all the costs involved in a conventional sale and whether a cash sale is the best option for you. How they Work

To get the process started, you must submit an online form to Louisiana Direct Home Buyers, and they will make an initial no-obligation offer based on their assessment of its value. 

If you’d like to find out more, they’ll visit your home to review the condition of your home and explain the process further. You’ll receive their final offer within 24 hours.

If you agree that closing costs, realtor commissions, and repair costs are too time-consuming for your needs, you can accept the offer and set your desired closing date.Pricing

Louisiana Direct Home Buyers try to buy homes at the lowest price possible to ensure they profit once they’ve fixed your home.

They usually close within 30 days, but they can also ensure you have your cash within seven days if needed, thanks to backing from national investors. Pros and Cons

Home sellers appreciate the plain language contracts provided by Louisiana Direct Home Buyers. This transparency makes for a stress-free sales process that isn’t as high-pressured as the tactics commonly employed by cash investors.

They’re a little slower than most other cash buying firms due to their extremely thorough processes. 

If you’re looking for an instant home evaluation, choose iBuyer instead. 

Nola Buys Houses / 3F Properties of Louisiana LLC

3F Properties of Louisiana LLC, trading as NOLA Buys Houses, is a family-owned business that buys homes in the New Orleans area. The owner, Carl, has been buying and selling houses since 2001.

The company has no association with the 

Thanks to his extensive experience, he’s adept at finding solutions to tricky situations like foreclosures, outstanding taxes, and code enforcement liens. These liens can have serious consequences for New Orleans homeowners. How they Work

Your interaction with Nola Buys Houses starts with a quick, free discussion about your home and your needs. Next, you’ll meet with a representative of the company at your home.

If they’re interested to buy your house in New Orleans, they’ll give you a written offer.

Once you accept the deal, the proceedings continue at a local title company, and you could have your cash within seven days.Pricing

This seller bases their offer on how much they can sell your home for, minus the costs to get it into a salable condition. They charge no fees or commissions for the sale of your home, and you decide on the closing date.Pros and Cons

This cash buyer offers unusual flexibility in that they can pay you for your home monthly, over several years, instead of paying a lump sum. This is an unusual approach, but it suits home sellers who would rather not receive a large sum of cash right away.

The trouble is, once they’ve sorted out all your issues, there isn’t very much left for you.

Are you interested in a more straightforward cash home sale? iBuyer is your go-to. 

Summarizing the Pros and Cons of New Orleans Cash Home Buyers 

If you need to sell a home fast due to inheriting an unwanted house, divorce, or foreclosure, it’s faster and easier to sell via cash home buyers. 

They’re a good option for avoiding some expenses associated with selling a home, too. These include:

  • Expensive repairs and refurbishments
  • Carrying costs while your home’s on the market
  • Agent commissions
  • Closing costs
  • Seller Concessions

Unfortunately, there are also drawbacks associated with selling your home this way. These cash home buyers know you’re desperate to sell fast, and many of them will bully you into accepting take-it-or-leave-it low-ball offers with high pressured sales tactics.

iBuyer offers a best-of-both-worlds experience when comparing cash buyers vs working with a realtor.

You’re assured of receiving a fair offer for your property when you work with us, and we only charge you what it would cost you to sell via a realtor. So, you enjoy the benefit of a fast sale without getting ripped off.  

Selling your New Orleans for the Best Cash Price

Waiting for offers, haggling over prices, and endless costs are the bane of every home selling experience. You can cut out all these negatives and go straight to the good part when you work with reputable cash buyers.

Looking for cash offers on your home? You’ve come to the right place!

What are you waiting for? Get a no-obligation valuation today, sit back and watch the offers start rolling in.  

Find out what your home is worth in minutes.
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