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Why iBuyers are the solution for selling your house during COVID-19 Pandemic

house listing during the pandemic

If you were going to sell your house, it is most likely that your plans were postponed due to the virus that has affected the whole world. But there are still other options to take into consideration, such as iBuyers, an option through which you can protect yourself and the people around you.

What is an iBuyer?

iBuyers use technology to estimate the value and make an offer on your home. They use things such as comparable homes nearby, facts that you provide and market trends in order to give you an estimated sale price.

You can accept or deny the offer – but if you choose to go through with it, the iBuyer will take care of the repairs, you’ll get to choose the closing date and when to move out and you will receive your cash within a few days (or weeks, depending on the closing date).

What are the benefits of working with an iBuyer?

One of the best benefits that iBuyers have to offer when selling your house, is the fact that there is no direct contact with people, such as the real estate agents. You can receive your offer instantly, based on the information that your provide about your house and there is no need to meet with anyone face-to-face. A great way to protect yourself, your family and the others, right?

There is no need for showings or open houses. Why? Since you sell your house to an iBuyer, they will take care of everything and this way you do not get in contact with potential buyers and other people that come to see your house. One other good thing about this, is that you don’t have to stress over having your house clean and staged at all times, and while avoiding group gatherings, you also practice social distancing.

Cash Offers on your home? You’re in the right place!

Renovating, repairs, repainting, means more people coming over at your house and you inevitably get in contact with them, not to mention that it can be  another stressful situation for you. With iBuyers, you don’t have to worry about any of these, because they will take care of any renovations that your house may need, after the sell.

iBuyers offer you the perfect solution to protect yourself and the people around you in the process of selling your home, and are making it an  easier and a more beautiful experience, with lots of benefits, especially during this challenging time that the world has to face.

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