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Flyhomes Real Estate allow you to get cash for your home in 180 days without needing repairs or staging. They will make an as-is cash offer, and their goal is to simplify the selling process of your home.

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Flyhomes Real Estate FAQs

Flyhomes can give you a Flyhomes cash offer for your home without going through the traditional sale process. The main reason for their expedited processing compared to the traditional process is that Flyhomes does not need to see your home before they make an offer. They will accept your home as it is without you needing to make any changes to it.

There is no specific timeframe for when you can sell your house through Flyhomes. However, they do offer a 180-day guarantee. If your home does not receive offers in 180 days, Flyhomes will buy it from you at no additional cost. Flyhomes also allows you to have a guaranteed sell within 30 days, but this adds an additional 1% fee on top of the other fees you need to pay.

Flyhomes' business model works by charging a fee between 2-2.5%. On top of this, you will need to pay an agent fee, which is 2.5%-3%. Keep in mind that these fees are not guaranteed by Flyhomes and may increase or decrease depending on the market at the time you're selling your home.

Yes, Flyhomes takes care of all of the necessary steps before selling your home, including staging, marketing, and more. Their model is designed to be relatively hands-off for the seller.

Flyhomes states that it takes them as few as two weeks to get your home ready. They do not guarantee a specific timeframe, so your specific home may take longer than this.

Flyhomes is backed by a Flyhomes guaranteed offer, which means you will sell your home regardless of how buyers behave. If a buyer backs out, then you can either leave your home on the market for another buyer, or you can choose for Flyhomes to buy your home directly.

Yes, Flyhomes offers mortgages. They have two main options — a standard mortgage and refinancing. You can apply for a Flyhomes mortgage on their website.

Flyhomes allows you to buy a home before selling yours. They offer short-term loans when you're buying the home, then they allow you to sell your home, and then they will set up long-term financing for you.

While Flyhomes can match you with a lender, they also allow you to use your own on any of their programs. If you have a preferred lender that you'd like to use, you can do so at no additional cost.