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Florida Cash Home Buyers Review – A Trusted Buyer?

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Florida Cash Home Buyers reviews

Florida Cash Home Buyers

15-120 Day closing (depends on package)

0 Commissions

0-20 Day contingency (depends on package)

Delving into the realm of rapid property transactions, Florida Cash Home Buyers positions itself as a solution for homeowners looking to skip the traditional hassles of the real estate market. Founded on principles of speed, simplicity, and straightforward dealings, this entity pledges to simplify the home selling ordeal. 

While their assurances of fast cash transactions and immediate closings for homes in any state are alluring, it’s imperative to approach with a critical eye. Is their proposition a genuine lifeline for sellers, or a beautifully wrapped package with less substance than promised? 

How Does Florida Cash Home Buyers Work?

Florida Cash Home Buyers simplifies the home selling process into three main steps, which we will examine critically:

  1. Initial Contact: Homeowners initiate the process by either calling Florida Cash Home Buyers or filling out an online form with details about their property. This step is designed to be quick and straightforward, setting the stage for a fast transaction.
  1. Receiving the Offer: After evaluating the property based on the information provided, Florida Cash Home Buyers makes an all-cash offer within 24 hours. This expedited offer process is appealing for those needing to sell quickly, though it warrants scrutiny to ensure the offer is competitive and fair.

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  1. Closing the Sale: If the homeowner accepts the offer, they can choose a convenient closing date. The company highlights its ability to close quickly, potentially within 7 days, emphasizing the elimination of typical sale hurdles like repairs, bank financing, or realtor commissions.

This streamlined process is designed for speed and convenience, particularly attractive for sellers in distressing situations. However, it’s essential for sellers to critically assess the fairness of the cash offer and consider if the quick sale advantage outweighs possibly obtaining a higher price through traditional sale methods.

What Kind of Homes Does Florida Cash Home Buyers Buy?

Florida Cash Home Buyers isn’t picky about the types of properties it purchases. Here’s a glimpse of what they look for:

  • Homes in Need of Repair: Properties that would benefit from some TLC, including major renovations or minor fixes.
  • Foreclosure Properties: Homes at risk of or currently going through the foreclosure process.
  • Inherited Properties: If you’ve inherited a property that you’re looking to sell quickly and hassle-free.
  • Rental Properties: Landlords looking to divest from rental properties, whether they’re occupied by tenants or vacant.
  • Relocation: Homes from owners needing to sell quickly due to a job relocation or other urgent moves.
  • Divorce Settlements: Properties that need to be sold as part of divorce proceedings.
  • Anything ‘As-Is’: From condos and duplexes to mobile homes, Florida Cash Home Buyers buys properties in any condition, in any location within their service areas.

By offering to buy a wide range of properties ‘As-Is,’ Florida Cash Home Buyers simplifies the selling process for homeowners, ensuring they don’t have to worry about the condition or type of their property when looking to sell.

What People Think About Florida Cash Home Buyers

“I want to thank this wonderful group for all their help in the process of selling my home. They were fast and efficient. They never seemed frustrated with me; extremely patient and understanding. Worked around my schedule, even offering easy solutions to issues that arised. I’d love to give a shout out to Iliana and Nirali at the law firm for bearing with me and helping make me feel comfortable in the whole process. Thank you ladies so much!”

This review praises the Florida Cash Home Buyers team for their efficiency and patience throughout the selling process. The customer highlights Iliana and Nirali at the law firm for their support and assistance, expressing gratitude for making the experience comfortable.

“I can’t say enough about Florida Cash Home Buyers. That’s why this review is so long…
They provided us with great options and the service was outstanding. Within a few days of our inquiry we had a FCHB associate out to look at our townhouse and give us an immediate cash offer or an option for them to try to find a buyer. We went with the option to find a buyer because with a secure buyer they could pay us more without risk to them. Paul showed the house several times with large groups of pre-qualified buyers – he was so good to our renters in the townhouse. Within the allotted time, FCHB secured a buyer. Then we started working with the office on closing – Barbara and Stacy were awesome. They were friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. I would, and have already, recommended FCHB to friends. Because we were willing to use 90 day option to find a buyer, our payout was very close to what we would have gotten with a realtor without the hassles. They did everything!”

The customer commends Florida Cash Home Buyers for providing great service options and for their professionalism. They appreciated the immediate cash offer and the alternative to find a buyer, noting the efforts made by Paul to accommodate renters during showings and Barbara and Stacy for their efficient work during closing. They recommend FCHB based on their positive experience and the close payout to what might have been achieved with a realtor.

“Stay far away! The worst company ever. They all but begged my mother for almost two years to sell. They knew my mother was very hesitant to sell her condo. She finally said yes. They agreed on the price and sent over the contract and it was signed that day. 30 day close. They came and looked at it a few days later, all was good and now we wait for the close. I get maybe 1 call that all is good we just need to close. Then I call and leave multiple calls and emails with no response. I then call the attorney who is doing the settlement and she tells me it is all good and we are set to close next Friday the 22nd of April 2022. I say great. Then I get a call from the company this morning from a young lady who tells me the same information. Great. 10 hours later i receive a call at 8;00 Friday evening during the Jewish holiday and I answer it. The call goes like this, hello sir this is …….. we are not going through with your deal. Sorry. I ask why not and he says we would now need to reduce the contract by $30,000. Are you kidding. You want to reduce it by 20% of what you offered less than 30 days ago. They knew how hesitant my mother was yet they tried to screw her in the end before closing. These guys are liars. Stay far away from them. They only put down a $2500 deposit. Probably what they are willing to loose if the person in the end doesn’t reduce the price and agree to their now lower offer. It’s a complete screw you game they play. Maybe the worst company ever. Praying on people. Don’t do business with these people !!!!!!!!”

This review starkly contrasts the others, detailing a negative experience with Florida Cash Home Buyers. The customer describes a situation where, after initial agreement and nearing the closing date, the company unexpectedly requested a significant price reduction, causing distress and dissatisfaction. They warn others to stay away from the company, accusing them of dishonest practices.

“I cannot in good conscience recommend this company! Three months to close on a condo that should have taken 30 days! The individual assigned to the process was totally unprofessional and incompetent. Unanswered e mail and texts etc. I requested on several occasions to speak with the owners and they never responded. They say they buy your home which is totally false in my case. They waited to find a buyer first. Although the HOA was a small part of the issue, this individual was clueless in dealing with them. Had he done his job properly he would have asked for a checklist of all documents need to close. The only person that saved the sale from a lawsuit was Narali. She worked very diligently and professionally.”

Similar to the previous negative review, this customer expresses frustration with the lengthy and unprofessional handling of their sale process. They describe a lack of communication and competence from the assigned individual, highlighting Narali’s efforts as the only positive aspect. They criticize the company’s claim of buying homes directly, as their experience involved waiting for a buyer.

“Florida Cash Home Buyers is an amazing company. They turned a stressful selling situation into an extremely profitable one. They promised our home would sell in 90 days, but it sold even sooner at 60 days. There were no issues with closing. The funds from our sell were wired into our account within hrs of closing. They completely surpassed our expectations.”

Contrary to the negative experiences, this review lauds Florida Cash Home Buyers for an outstanding service. The customer was pleased with the quick and profitable sale of their home, which closed sooner than expected without any issues, praising the company for exceeding their expectations.

While the majority of reviews for Florida Cash Home Buyers lean positive, highlighting the company’s efficiency, professionalism, and ability to streamline the selling process, there are a few accounts of negative experiences that stand out. These less favorable reviews focus on issues like unexpected price changes and communication breakdowns during the closing process. 

Given that most feedback reflects successful and satisfactory transactions, potential sellers might find Florida Cash Home Buyers a viable option, keeping in mind the few instances of inconsistency noted by some clients.

What are some drawbacks that I have to consider?

While Florida Cash Home Buyers strives to offer an exemplary service, potential sellers should consider these aspects:

Offer Value: Offers are based on the ‘As-Is’ condition of the property, which might not always match the market value if the home were sold through traditional channels after renovations.

Limited Negotiation: The efficiency of the process means there’s limited room for negotiation on the offer, which could be a drawback for those looking to maximize their returns.

Area of Operation: While serving a broad area, limitations may arise depending on specific locations within Florida or surrounding areas.

Tips for Sellers – Don’t Miss These Essentials

Selling your home is a significant decision that requires careful consideration and planning. Whether you’re working with Florida Cash Home Buyers or exploring other options, here are some essential tips to help ensure a smooth and successful sale:

Understand Your Local Market: Research current market trends in Florida. Knowing whether it’s a buyer’s or seller’s market can help you set realistic expectations regarding the sale price and timeline.

Prepare Your Home: First impressions matter. Even if you’re selling ‘As-Is’ to a cash buyer like Florida Cash Home Buyers, a little tidying up can make a big difference. Decluttering and a deep clean can make your property more appealing during the initial assessment.

Get a Pre-Sale Home Inspection: Understanding the condition of your home can help you anticipate any concerns that cash home buyers might have. This insight allows you to be more informed during negotiations.

Set the Right Price: If you’re considering alternatives to cash buyers, setting a competitive price is crucial. Use comparable sales in your area to guide your pricing strategy, ensuring your home attracts attention without leaving money on the table.

Consider Minor Upgrades: For sellers not strictly looking for a cash offer, small improvements can significantly impact your home’s marketability and sale price. Focus on cost-effective upgrades that offer a high return on investment, such as painting or updating fixtures.

Other Home-Selling Solutions to Consider

Exploring all your options before making a decision is vital. Here are a few alternative solutions to consider alongside or instead of selling directly to Florida Cash Home Buyers:

  • iBuyer Companies: Platforms like iBuyer.com use technology to offer a fast, fair, and straightforward selling process online. This option is perfect for sellers prioritizing convenience and speed.
  • Flat Fee MLS Services: ZeroFeeListed and similar services allow you to list your home on the MLS for a low, flat fee. This increases exposure while saving you the high commissions associated with traditional real estate agents.
  • Buying and Selling at the Same Time: Navigating simultaneous transactions can be challenging. iBuyer.com can connect you with partners to help coordinate the sale of your current home and the purchase of your new one, simplifying the process.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How does Florida Cash Home Buyers determine the offer price for my home?

They evaluate the property based on its location, condition, necessary repairs, and the current market values of similar houses in the area.

Can I sell my house to Florida Cash Home Buyers if it’s in poor condition?

Yes, they buy houses in any condition, whether it’s damaged, has bad tenants, or requires significant repairs.

Are there any fees or commissions involved in the selling process?

No, there are no fees or commissions. They make an offer, and if you accept it, they cover all the costs, including closing fees.

How long does the selling process take with Florida Cash Home Buyers?

The process can be very quick. Once you submit your property information, they can make an offer within 24 hours, and the closing can happen in as little as 7 days, depending on your needs.

Do I need to clean up or fix my house before selling to Florida Cash Home Buyers?

No, you don’t need to clean up or make any repairs. They will buy your house as-is.

What makes Florida Cash Home Buyers different from selling with a real estate agent?

The main differences are the speed of the sale, the no-fee structure, and the ability to buy your house in its current condition. Selling through an agent usually takes longer and involves fees and commissions.

Is there any obligation to accept the offer made by Florida Cash Home Buyers?

No, there is no obligation. You can choose whether or not to accept their offer without any pressure or obligation.

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