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The Orchard iBuyer program launched in 2017, with a goal of eliminating the stress and uncertainty involved with selling a home and buying a new one. Orchard's approach is an instant home trade-in model.

Orchard is currently buying and selling homes in the following markets:

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Orchard FAQs

Orchard is an iBuyer program that enables you to buy a new home before you've sold your current home. Orchard's goal is to remove the stress and uncertainty that typically comes with buying and selling a home, enabling you to buy a new home without worrying about the contingencies of selling your current home first.

Similar to Knock, the Orchard iBuyer program is essentially a home trade-in model. You find your dream home and Orchard buys it for you in cash, offering you an advantage in a competitive market, and then sells your old home for you.

That will be specific to your location, your home size, your home condition, and current market conditions. Orchard homes takes into account the information you provide about your home, the outcome of your complimentary home inspection, and recent sales in your area to provide a fair home value estimate.

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Orchard home buying and selling services are currently available in the following cities: Atlanta, GA, Austin, TX, Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, Denver, CO, and San Antonio, TX.

The Orchard iBuyer service charges a fee equal to 6% of the price that your home sells for, which is roughly equivalent to traditional real estate agent fees.

Like most iBuyers, Orchard primarily purchases single family homes built after 1960, that range in price from $125,000 to about $600,000.

Orchard homes requires a complimentary home inspection prior to giving you an estimate and a cash offer to buy your home. Because of this qualification step, the process isn't quite as instant as other iBuyer programs, but you can still expect to receive an offer much faster than you would typically receive one if you chose to list your house with a real estate agent.

No, as with almost all real estate transactions, you are responsible for closing costs and taxes.

Since Orchard does send an inspector to see your home prior to making you a cash offer, there is little room to move in negotiating your price. However, as with any iBuyer, if you feel they missed something that would increase your home's value, let them know and see if they are willing to recalculate what your home is worth.

Orchard offers fairly quick closings and you can typically close on the sale within 30 to 45 days. So, although the Orchard iBuyer model isn't quite as fast as many other iBuyer programs, it's still much faster than you could typically expect if you sold your home via a traditional real estate agent.