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Ribbon real estate has been streamlining the home buying and selling process since 2018. Buyers, sellers, and realtors can rest assured that they are looking at a guaranteed deal through the Ribbon program. This platform is for the benefit of everyone. Learn more about how Ribbon makes it all possible.

Ribbon Real Estate is currently buying and selling homes in the following markets:

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Ribbon Real Estate FAQs

Ribbon is a cash home buyer that specializes in helping individuals and families secure their dream home. Residential home buying and selling have no certainty in their processes. As such, Ribbon helps clients navigate them by buying and selling on their behalf.

When purchasing a home through Ribbon financing, buyers have up to 180 days to secure the funds to repurchase the home. Meanwhile, home sellers can utilize Ribbon Home Apply to secure a buyer or their property.

Ribbon empowers real estate agents. It provides financial products, software, and tools for these professionals to utilize creative solutions in helping clients. With Ribbon Cash Offer, buyers can upgrade pre-approvals into cash for their home. Meanwhile, Ribbon Hub is a convenient app for agents to manage multiple offers easily.

Ribbon also works with home inspectors, closing attorneys, and title companies. These real estate professionals have unique operations in their sector. Ribbon helps these people work wisely by providing alternate routes with a simplified home buying and selling experience.

Ribbon’s transaction fee is between 2% and 3.25% of the purchase price of the property that you intend to buy. Note that purchase prices vary per state. These rates offer legitimacy to Ribbon home loans. In other words, they make Ribbon cash offers easier and faster to close. However, Ribbon fees can go down to 1% if the buyer closes with their lender on closing day. Meanwhile, Ribbon charges rent until the buyer repurchases the home from Ribbon.

Rent expenses will depend on the property that the buyer is purchasing. Ribbon only charges rent to cover its carrying costs, which include capital costs, tax expenses, insurance fees, and HOA. As such, Ribbon does not charge rent to make money.

Ribbon unifies real estate agents to help them collaborate on winning offers. It provides a platform that combines: digital offer workflow software, powerful all-cash home financing and white glove customer service. Combining these solutions simplifies the real estate processes that home buyers and home sellers go through.

Ribbon’s mission is to streamline the complex nature of home buying and selling to provide certainty on the buyer or seller’s part. As such, its goal is to make homeownership more accessible to the masses.