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EasyKnock gives their customers control and flexibility by providing sellers with the option to either buy back the house, rent it themselves, or move out.

EasyKnock is currently buying and selling homes in the following markets:

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EasyKnock FAQs

EasyKnock is a real estate technology company that gives home owners an alternative to using banks or lenders, by purchasing homes from homeowners and allowing them to rent their own house out, sell it completely or buy it back.

EasyKnock purchases homes, and then allows the original owners to lease it themselves, sell it completely when they're ready to move, or buy it back. First you submit an application online regarding the details of your home. Then, if your home is approved, you'll receive a phone call where estimates will be discussed. If you find the pricing appropriate, you can determine whether you'd like to lease or not.

EasyKnock currently operates in all 50 states.

EasyKnock is ideal for those who need quick funds for a new home but either aren't ready to move out yet, or are still in the process of finding the right house. In some cases, once a homeowner has sorted out their expenses, they buy back the home for around the same price it was purchased for. EasyKnock also only charges market price for those who decide to lease, and takes care of property taxes and homeowners insurance.

EasyKnock bases their offers on the size, condition, location and age of your home, as well as the current market. To get an estimate on what EasyKnock might offer you for your home, simply enter your address in our iValuation tool.

EasyKnock collects a processing fee of 2.5% of what the house is purchased for. If you decide to lease your home and continue living in it, you will be charged monthly rent based on the current market. If you choose to buy your house back, you'll be responsible to pay the same amount the home was purchased for with an annual average increase of about 3%.

EasyKnock purchases single-family homes, condos, and townhouses.

With EasyKnock, you'll receive an offer and a payment for your home in just 30 days.

EasyKnock can close on a sale as fast as two weeks, and will offer up to 70% of your home value in cash up front.

No, the home owner is responsible for closing costs. This is a standard responsibility in the industry.