Facebook MarketplaceFor Home Sales

What Is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook marketplace launched in 2016. With Facebook’s huge user base it was no surprise that it became successful, right away. Facebook Marketplace connects users who are buying and selling anything from used clothes to properties.

Does Facebook Marketplace Operate In My Area?

Another huge advantage of Facebook Marketplace is that it isn’t limited to any specific areas. In fact, you can use it all over the world. So, you can list your home, no matter where it is. And it’ll always be shown to local people or people who are specifically searching in your area.

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Pricing of Facebook Marketplace

It’s free to advertise your home on Facebook Marketplace. If you want more reach, you can create paid ads.

When creating paid ads with Facebook, you chose how much you want to spend. Facebook will let you know your estimated reach for your set budget.

How Does Facebook Marketplace Work?

Facebook Marketplace is easy to use. The process of listing your home is fast and user-friendly.


Get Your Photographs and Listing Details Ready

Before listing your home, get some good photographs ready. It’s also a good idea to work on an engaging and interesting description of your home.


Listing Your Home

Enter Facebook Marketplace right from the Facebook app on your phone, or the website on your laptop. From there you can post your home listing directly.


Respond to Enquiries

Other users from Facebook Marketplace will send you messages to enquire about your home. They might ask questions or ask to arrange viewings. By responding and interacting you’ll move your sale forward.


Sell Your Home!

Find the right buyer through Facebook Marketplace then move offline for negotiations and legal paperwork. That’s it, the work is done.

The Advantages and Limitations of Facebook Marketplace

Low Cost

Facebook Marketplace is 100% free. There are no hidden costs or fees. If you want to pay to get your listing boosted, you decide how much you want to spend on the ads. You’re not tied to any retainer, you can cancel at any time.

Your Buyer Is Probably On Facebook Everyday

Facebook is the most popular social media platform. A lot of people use it and they use it frequently too. Maybe even multiple times a day. So, there’s a high chance your buyer is already there.

Time Consuming

You’ll quickly find that answering queries and booking viewings is a lot of work. Without an agent, all of that is on you. You’ll also find a lot of people might enquire or book viewings and never come through.

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