FizberSave Over $10,000 with Fizber

Introducing Fizber

Fizber is a revolutionary service offering you the opportunity to put your home in front of prospective buyers at a fraction of the price an agent would charge you.

Fizber is the future of home sales. They understand that buyers have moved on. They’re no longer searching for properties through agents. They begin their search independently online.

Does Fizber Operate In My Area?

Fizber operates in most states. They will connect you with a professional who can list your home on the appropriate listing sites.

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Pricing of Fizber

Fizber charges a flat fee of $295. With this service, you can list your home to Multiple Listing Sites (MLS) like Zillow, Trulia, HomeFinder, and many more.

You won’t have to do all the work yourself though. Fizber will connect you with a professional who will list your home across many sites. The MLS expert will pick the appropriate sites for your area.

How Does Fizber Work?

This service lets you advertise your home on MLS without an agent and for a small fee.


Sign up for the Service

Place your order directly on Fizber and pay the flat fee of $295.


Home Listing

Fizber will pass your order onto a licensed professional who will list your home to multiple sites. The licensed professional is like a gatekeeper to the MLS. They will be able to quickly navigate the sites to list and update your listings.


Viewings and Offers

Potential buyers will see your home on the sites. They will contact you to arrange viewings. Eventually, you will reach an agreement and receive an offer.


Sell Your Home

When you’re ready to move forward, reach out to an attorney who will help you close the sale.

The Advantages and Limitations of Fizber

Flat-Rate Fee

Fizber charges a flat-rate fee. There is no commission or hidden fees after the sale. The $295 is all you have to pay to get your home in front of buyers. Their pricing is highly competitive.


There’s no contract or risk. All you can lose is the $295. If your home doesn’t sell, you can wait and try again at a different time or seek an agent’s help.


Fizber has guides and tutorials as well as marketing materials you can use to sell your home. All of their resources are included with the fee.

You Have to Put in the Work

Selling your home directly can be a lot of work. You’ll have to organize the photographs, videos, and information about your home. You’ll have to respond to the inquiries and hold viewings.

Just like any other DIY job it can get messy and overwhelming.

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