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Introducing Trulia is a subsidiary of Zillow and is an online real estate marketplace. It helps renters and buyers find homes across the country.

Which areas does Trulia operate in?

No matter where you are in the USA you can use Trulia. They have properties and agents in all states.

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Price of listing on Trulia

It is free to list your home on Trulia and the listing includes unlimited photos and videos. Home sellers are able to reach a large audience of home buyers who receive emails when a new home is listed.

As a listing agent or landlord, the site is also free to use. Trulia gets most of its profit from advertising, so they don't need to rely on revenue from agents, landlords, or homeowners listing their properties.

How does Trulia work?

  1. Listing Your Home

    Listing information is provided to Trulia by agents, brokers, website vendors, and Multiple Listing Services (MLS). They also get listing details for For Sale By Owner homes from Zillow. There are over 3.5 million listings on Trulia.

  2. Finding Your Home

    Listings that are sold by real estate agents are listed by them on MLS and don't include homes that are For Sale By Owner, foreclosures, and non-MLS auctions. You can find homes in each of those categories on Trulia by switching between the search filters on the website.

  3. Selling Your House Yourself

    If you are a homeowner, you can post your listing on Trulia's partner site, Zillow. The page will walk you through the entire process, including what information to provide for your listing. Once complete, it will be sent to the verification team to be approved. Trulia FSBO listings will show up in their "other listings" tab within the search results page.

The advantages and limitations of Trulia

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