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Introducing USRealty

USRealty aims to connect you with prospective buyers at a low cost. Instead of hiring an agent who will ask for a commission fee of 6%, USRealty offers you the possibility to be your own agent. The tools are priced competitively, with the highest service costing just $249. This is a very low investment that offers you the possibility to save thousands of dollars.

Does USRealty operate in my area?

USRealty operates in most states. They have an easy tool on their website which lets you check their coverage. All you have to do is enter your zip code.

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Pricing of USRealty

USRealty has four plans on sale.

  • Starter FREE

    The starter plan is free. It lets you list your home for 6 months, with up to 5 photographs. This is the budget option most suitable to land, as usually, 5 photographs aren't enough for a home.

  • Basic $99

    The basic plan is $99 and it offers 15 photos. This is a great option for a small home.

  • Deluxe $139

    The deluxe plan costs $139. It is far more expanded than the previous two. It offers 25 photos and extras like call forwarding service and yard signs.

  • Premium $249

    The premium plan is $249 and includes a 12 month listing with 45 photographs.

How does USRealty work?

This service lets you advertise your home on MLS without an agent and for a small fee.

  1. Choose Your Plan

    Choose one of the many plans offered by USRealty. Your best option will depend on the size of your property and what extras you need.

  2. Listing Your Home

    Upload your photographs, videos, and the description. You make your listing once on USRealty and they send it off to multiple listing sites. You can manage all of the listings at the same time via

  3. Receive Offers

    Potential buyers will see your home on the multiple sites USRealty posts it to. Potential buyers will contact you to arrange viewings. Eventually, you'll receive an offer.

  4. Sell Your Home

    When you're ready to move forward with one of the offers, get in touch with an attorney to get the paperwork started.

The advantages and limitations of USRealty

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