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Introducing Zillow FSBO

Zillow, launched in December 2004, has become a household name in the years since. It competes head-to-head with the longstanding Realtor.com but with a unique listing approach and a few other differences. The two companies are a rough match, though, when it comes to pros and cons.

Which Areas Does Zillow FSBO Operate In?

No matter where you are in the USA you can use Zillow FSBO. They have properties and agents in all states.

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How Does Zillow FSBO work?

How Does Zillow FSBO work?

Zillow maintains a page, Zillow For Sale By Owner, that allows sellers to post home listings for free on both Zillow and Trulia, including video and unlimited photos.

Still, this information reminds prospective home sellers of how much work it takes to sell a home using the FSBO method. And this leads directly to advertising for allowing Zillow to sell your home for you in less time, with a more flexible move-out timeline and repair costs included in the overall charge of an average of 2.5 percent of the sale price.

How Can Zillow FSBO Help You?

How Can Zillow FSBO Help You?

If you want to sell your home by taking the FSBO route, you can find some helpful "how-to" information on their main website. Zillow advises on FSBO processes like setting a fair price, preparing the house for showing, investing in marketing and advertising, "acting like a professional," ensuring buyers are qualified, and hiring a real estate attorney.

They also list Zillow FSBO pros and cons. Some pros are lower commissions, having control of your listing, and maintaining your own showing schedule. They list a few cons too.

The Advantages and Limitations of Zillow FSBO

The Advantages and Limitations of Zillow FSBO

Things that distinguish Zillow come as both pros and cons. Pros are allowing you to start your search early and having immediate exposure to new properties. Consumers also appreciate their map tools. One con, according to agents, is their algorithm-generated "Zestimates," which can create unrealistic expectations by not accounting for home-specific details.

Another downside to Zillow is promoting non-listing agents next to listings that aren't theirs; consumers might think the agent shown knows the property when that might not be true. Agents also are allowed to place ads for homes in neighborhoods where they lack familiarity. Agents also pay a lot to secure their own listing leads.

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