Introducing We Buy Ugly Houses

We Buy Ugly Houses has bought over 100,000 houses so far, and expects that number to continue to increase. Their service is free, and they can close on your home in as fast as three weeks.

We Buy Ugly Houses is currently buying and selling homes in the following markets:

We Buy Ugly Houses FAQs

We Buy Ugly Houses is an iBuyer that purchases homes, regardless of their condition, in order to save their sellers time and money in comparison to traditional real estate options. They provide a non-obligatory offer for your home at no cost, and whether you choose to accept or decline is entirely up to you.

We Buy Ugly Houses requests that you schedule a visit via phone or email. Once they've evaluated your home, you'll receive an all-cash offer. If you choose to accept the offer, they'll work with you to determine a closing time of your choice.

No. We Buy Ugly Houses will purchase your home "as-is", which means its condition can be however you choose to leave it.

Trusted agents are expensive and can take months to find. With an agent, you're also responsible for the repairs, renovations and staging. We Buy Ugly Houses requires none of that, and will buy your home fast, whether you're falling behind on your mortgage, need to quickly relocate for a job, or simply don't want to deal with paying for damages.

We Buy Ugly Houses is available in all states besides Alaska, Hawaii, North Dakota, and Wyoming.

The offer you receive for your home will vary depending on its condition, location, size, how long renovations will cost if required, and the amount of money it'll cost to maintain the house until its ready to sell.

In just three weeks after accepting an offer, you can close on your home and receive a cash payment.

There is no charge when using We Buy Ugly houses.

Once a local franchisee has visited your home, they'll determine whether or not you'll receive an offer. This service is completely free, so if they decide not to give you an offer you won't have wasted any money.