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Need To Sell Your House ASAP? Here’s What You Should Do

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sell house asap

Sometimes you just need a quick injection of money. With over fourteen thousand homes selling every day in America, it can be very tempting to put your home on the market as fast as you can.

I know you’re thinking “I need to sell my house asap!”, but it’s important you understand that you need to perform a minimum amount of work for it to be sellable. Let’s go over the steps you can take to ensure it turns from an item on the market into cash as fast as it can.

What should be my first step?

While the whole process takes many steps, your first step should be to check out iBuyer.com. iBuyer matches buyers to sellers through a very simple process. Using the website, if you enter your information, they can see what they can do to help you sell your house fast.

Discover your home’s worth online for free in minutes!

iBuyer makes sure to inform you of how much things will cost and give you accurate valuation data to help you make an informed decision. It also does not require steps such as cleaning, staging, or showing off your house. This means you can quickly get your house off the market and cash in your hand.

Here are the best options for selling your house ASAP

There are specific steps you can take to get your house noticed. Each will increase the chance of you being able to sell your home quickly. They are:

1. Clean and repair

Nobody visiting your home or viewing it online will want to see it be anything less than immaculate. So make sure to at least clean up the house. If that sounds like a lot, rope friends in with offers of pizza and a movie night to help tidy it. 

This is also a great time to take photos of the location for the realtor. If your home is still a little cluttered, use your garage or a storage unit to store extra furniture before taking photos. You can always remove things afterward if you need them.

With things that are currently in the home, organize them well so that storage space looks as spacious as possible. Tidy your wardrobe and kitchen cupboards so they look well-organized. As most house-viewers will open and look at storage, make sure it all looks perfect for when they do.

Finally, try to repair anything broken in the home. This is doubly-true for anything in visible disrepair broken such as plaster or brickwork. Any item which removes from the house’s value will put a potential buyer off, slowing down your process.

2. Professional photography

You may believe you have the skills to show off your own home. The truth is, however, that there is every chance you do not have the expensive equipment and time to do so well. You are much better off spending a little bit of money on professional-quality photos from someone with training.

If you are fortunate, your area may also be able to offer a photographer who can create a virtual 3D tour of your house. This new technology lets people have an explore of your home without actually visiting. Perfect for 24/7 viewings.

3. Invoke curb appeal

Making sure your home is beautiful inside and out means creating an external view that is very appealing to those driving past. After all, it will be the first thing potential buyers see.

To ensure that your house has this appeal, make sure to do all your gardening. Pull weeds, trim hedges, and cut your grass. Also brush off your pathways, even the sidewalk outside your home, clearing any leaves and cut grass to make the whole region look appealing.

Then, make sure the house itself looks like something people would want. Paint the door, ensure you hang curtains well, and make any postbox look as beautiful as possible.

If you are likely to worry about time, hire a professional gardener or landscaper. They can get everything done while you focus on other areas of the home.

4. Time it right

Your local area may have natural cycles of selling where you are more likely to catch a buyer. This may be a specific day of the week, time of the month, or even before or after a holiday.

As this relates to your local market, contact an agent to get more information on this phenomenon. They will be able to advise you from a knowledgeable position of how best to move forward.

5. Hold an open house

Once you have cleaned the house, try to organize an open house over a weekend. This may ensure a large number of potential buyers see it. Being accommodating to these kinds of house-hunters can get a lot of eyes on the building. 

Make sure to make the home as appealing as possible. Follow the rest of the advice in this article, make sure the home is clean and smells good, and maybe even bake bread to give the location a homely feeling. If you are not a kitchen expert, you can instead shop for synthetic bread-baking alternatives.

6. Get an inspector

If you get a licensed inspector to make a report on your home, you can then give it to agents or interested buyers. Having written assurances such as these can allay fears new homeowners may have about small concerns they saw in the home. This means they will be more likely to make a riskier buy, knowing the report said that their worries were all for naught.

7. Add some freebies

Remember that you do not need to take everything with you. If there is a specific fixture that may gain attention, you could even include it as a part of the sale.

Examples for this may include selling the house as including a “Well-equipped gym” or “Fully-stocked bar”. 

You will often see this method of encouraging sale if the homeowner sells the furniture alongside the house. But in truth, there is no limit to what they can include. You might even be able to get into the local newspapers if there is a particularly interesting item included.

For example, a full home cinema or customized vehicle might end up in the news if it goes on the market alongside a home.

8. Reduce the price over time

Sometimes, a home is simply not selling. Be realistic about how well the home is doing on the market, and think about adjusting the price if it has trouble. 

It may be disappointing, but it may be the only way to get the property moving, and a lower price is better than no sale at all.

Be sure to have a good conversation with your agent before you go this route. They may have insight that will stop you from making a mistake. 

For example, it may be a slow time in the housing market. Or there may be something specific about the listing they have been hearing that is putting people off.

How do you want to sell your house?

You have multiple options of where to direct your attention when selling your house. We have listed some examples here.

1. Talk to house flippers

If you are desperate to sell your house asap, start a negotiation with a house flipper. They will be able to take the home off your hands and do every step of the prep work instead. You often do not even need to clean and repair the location.

Be aware that house flippers take houses off the hands of homeowners to make a profit. So, be sure you want to sell for a lower-than-market price before pulling the proverbial trigger on this decision.

2. Work with an agent

Some of the most sensible advice is to ensure you dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s. Using an agent who knows the ins and outs of the housing market means you can let them worry about the details of bureaucracy. While they do this, you can work on making sure your home is ship-shape.

An agent will be able to advise you on what they need from you at each stage of the process, and will even be able to negotiate in your stead. This may mean that you will need to pay them a part of whatever you sell the home for. But it is much better than having to do all the work yourself and making mistakes that will bite you later.

3. Connect to buyers outside of your area

Your home may or may not be interesting to someone in your local area. Instead, there may be investors in more distant areas looking to buy around you. For that reason, do not only focus on searching for buyers in your immediate area. 

There are several ways you can find buyers a bit further away. For example, you could connect to Facebook pages for more distant suburbs and then promote your home there. In a similar manner, using hashtags for specific regions may encourage buyers who are looking into your area to view your posting.

This method has become more and more popular due to more people working from home. Now they no longer need to commute as much, people have become more open to the idea of living a bit farther afield. 

Finally, have a conversation with any agent you are working with. They may not be aware that you wish to advertise in more distant locations and would likely be happy to try. 

Finally, if you get in contact with agents for other areas, they might be willing to show your home around to their local clients. Many will do this despite it being outside their normal capture area, and get a few extra sales.

I need to sell my house ASAP!

The need to move a house to a new owner fast is a strong one. Sending Facebook messages to friends saying “I need to sell my house ASAP” is a common one. While they may want to help there is only so much they can do without the correct connections.

Interested in your home’s current market value? Receive a free online home value estimate!

Instead, check out our own home value estimator. Starting with this step, your home can get on and off the market with little effort. This can put money directly into your hand.

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